Monday, March 24, 2008

Savoury Dumplings - Fun Gor (粉餜)

of course a long-long wkend wouldn't be complete without food! however, due to my own forgetfulness, misplaced my camera and was unable to find it in time to document the fun in the kitchen therefore this post seems pointless. :( so instead i'll just leave you a little story about happy fun gor days. it pretty much started when i was in my first year of high school when long wkends no longer consisted of family day trips but sleep-ins. it seems impossible, but these sleep-ins would leave my sister and i famished and so fun gor fun & mother-daughter bonding began. mum would mix the dough, i'd roll it out, mum would then fill them (we prefer a filling of mince beef, bamboo strips and chinese chives) and then intricately press the ends together whilst my sister stood watch over the stove. during the process, we'd laugh and joke until the first batch of steamed dumplings were ready to eat. we'd carefully savour the first bite to carefully taste the softness of the outer dough and the fusion of aromatic chives between the juicy mince and crunch of the bamboo. it doesn't matter where you go for yumcha, dumplings are just never the same as the ones that mum makes! in any case, it's missing 妈妈的味道. so until the next fun gor day, you'll just have to trust me on this little delicious gem! :)

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ioyces said...

hey girl!! Would u mind sharing your mom's recipe?? I've got a friend who is looking for a good steamed dumpling recipe. :)